Brazilians shopping in Florida

Brazilians love to shop – in the U.S.

Hi all, You already know that Brazilians excel at soccer and are pretty good at throwing big parties. But they are also accomplished shoppers, and are steadily honing their skills. Brazil’s middle class has burgeoned in the last 10 years, which has driven an increased demand for – well, for just about everything. Domestic spending per […]

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Leather goods are a specialty in the Serra Gaucha of Southern Brazil

The Serra Gaucha

Hi all, My friends and observant readers of this blog will know that about three months ago I moved to the South of Brazil. Specifically, I live in the small town of Canela (named for a local tree), in an area called A Serra Gaúcha (say Ah SEH hah gah OO sha), in Rio Grande […]

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Playing paddleball on the beach in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil

João Pessoa

Hi all, Brazil’s Northeast coast is known for it’s sunshine, beaches, and seafood. One of my favorite little cities in the region is João Pessoa. João Pessoa, or “JP” as locals like to call it, is the capital of the state of Paraiba and is located between Recife and Natal. It’s not as well known as […]

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Brazilian composer, singer, songwriter, and musician Tom Jobim

Tom Jobim

Hi all, You can’t really know Brazil if you don’t know something about its music. And no musician in Brazil’s history is better known than the late Tom Jobim. If you don’t recognize the name, then surely you know his most famous composition: “The Girl from Ipanema”. (For the history of the song click here: The […]

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How to greet someone in Brazil

Hi all, There’s a good chance that when you meet someone, you really don’t give much thought to it. You stick out your hand, give a firm handshake (no dead fish, please!), and say, “Nice to meet you” or something similar. This approach works pretty well across the English-speaking world, in most situations, whether you […]

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New Year's Reveillon in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

New Year’s Eve in Brazil

Hi all, Happy New Year! Or, as we typically say here, Próspero Ano Novo. New Year’s celebrations are similar here to those in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world. Typically Brazilians congregate and often eat and drink too much. There are over-priced affairs at bars and restaurants, or simpler affairs at friends’ homes. There […]

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Christmas in Brazil

Hi all, As most of you have not been to Brazil, you may be curious about what Christmas is like here. These days, Christmas in Brazil is much the same as Christmas in the U.S. Some websites will tell you that folks here eat colored rice and French toast as traditional Christmas foods, but I’ve […]

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Brazil in the news December 22 2014

Hi all, Here are current news stories about Brazil: The Brazilian real has fallen against the U.S. dollar to its weakest in almost 10 years, 2.7 to 1.0. This means it’s cheaper to visit here if you have dollars (or pounds or euros). As in many Latin cultures, young adults continue to live […]

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Brazilian bikini on Natal beach

The evolution of the Brazilian bikini

Hi all, Here’s the post that many of you have been waiting for! A discussion of the Brazilian bikini! Brazilian bikinis are renowned – some of the more conservative might say notorious – around the world. You’ll routinely see pictures of lovely young ladies on the beaches any time Rio is in the news. But, […]

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Using a cell phone in Brazil can be confusing

Using a cell phone in Brazil

Hi all, I recently replied to a query I saw posted at, which by the way is a very helpful site for expats or travelers. The query was from an American planning to relocate to Brazil soon and was: “Should I purchase a new cell phone in Brazil?” While older U.S. cell phones didn’t work […]

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