Brazilian bikini on Natal beach

The evolution of the Brazilian bikini

Hi all, Here’s the post that many of you have been waiting for! A discussion of the Brazilian bikini! Brazilian bikinis are renowned – some of the more conservative might say notorious – around the world. You’ll routinely see pictures of lovely young ladies on the beaches any time Rio is in the news. But, […]

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Using a cell phone in Brazil can be confusing

Using a cell phone in Brazil

Hi all, I recently replied to a query I saw posted at, which by the way is a very helpful site for expats or travelers. The query was from an American planning to relocate to Brazil soon and was: “Should I purchase a new cell phone in Brazil?” While older U.S. cell phones didn’t work […]

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Brazil in the news December 15 2014

Hi all, This is the first of a  weekly series of posts recapping current events in Brazil, with links to current news stories. If there seems to be sufficient interest, I’ll keep them coming. It was not a positive week in the news: Story in the Rio Times about Brazil’s Truth Commission report regarding the […]

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What Brazilians think about Americans

Hi all, Fairly often, Brazilians will ask me what Americans think of Brazil/Brazilians. In this post, I’d like to flip that question around to ask: What do Brazilians think about Americans? [Note: In this post, I’ll use the term “American” to mean a citizen of the U.S. I do so merely as a convenience. Please […]

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Real Premium auto onibus 2018

Real Premium Auto Onibus

Hi all, Taxis in Rio, while still cheap compared to many cities around the world, have become more expensive in the last couple of years. It used to be you could get from Galeão Airport to Copacabana for maybe 50 reais. Today, depending on where exactly you are headed, you might pay 75. If you […]

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Regions of Brazil

Oi gente, That means “Hi, people.” Just thought I’d mix it up a little for you. Brazil is a huge country – number five in the world in area (behind Russia, Canada, China, and the U.S.). It should therefore be no surprise that pronounced regional differences exist in Brazil. Accents, food, festivals, and customs all […]

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Former president Lula giving the thumbs up. (Photo: Wall Street Journal blog)

The thumbs up

Hi everyone and TGIF, Today I will provide you with a basic lesson in how to communicate in Brazil – even if you know not a word of Portuguese. Simply give the thumbs up. The thumbs up can be used virtually anywhere and for anything in Brazil. For example: A businessman has just given you […]

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The girl from Ipanema

“Tall and tan and young and lovely The girl from Ipanema goes walking And when she passes, each one she passes goes – ah“   Hi all, Without a doubt, the most famous Brazilian song would have to be “The Girl from Ipanema”. But did you know that the song is based on an actual […]

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X salada, por favor

Hi all, Often I’ll meet a Brazilian who claims to know not a word of English. I always challenge him. English is so prevalent (one could say intrusive) around the world that it’s virtually impossible not to pick up a few words. But sometimes English has a way of slipping in disguised and unnoticed. For […]

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What Americans think about Brazil

Hi all, I’ve been visiting Brazil for 21 years, and living here for six. Generally I visit back in the U.S. once a year. When I do and people find out that I live in Brazil, occasionally it starts some interesting conversation. More often, it’s a conversation killer. Why? It’s not that people don’t like […]

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