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International Military Sports Council Games

Hi all, Wow, that’s a mouthful! International Military Sports Council Games. These games are held every 4 years, one year before the Olympics. This year they will be held in Rio, in about 2 weeks. The games are generally called the CISM Games. CISM stands for Conseil International du Sport. Why they gave the games […]

Hostages taken at de luxe hotel in Rio

Hi all, Typically I write about the pleasanter things here in Rio and Brazil – and there are many to write about. But I won’t deny that there are severe problems, endemic problems. Foremost among these in Rio is crime fueled by the war against drug traffickers. The most recent battle erupted last weekend when a […]

Sand Sculpture: Christ welcomes you to the 2016 Olympics

Hi all, I hope that you are winding down a great week. My week was busy, but productive. The World Cup has come and (mercifully) gone. Rio is now looking to the next games, in 2014.  And on the heels of World Cup 2014 are the 2016 Olympics. There is lots of debate about whether […]

Friday Postcard: Barra in the 1940s

Hi all, Well, my Mac up and died again. I am hoping that it once again springs back to life. Meanwhile, I am making due with my netbook. Today I’d like to introduce a series. I’ll be presenting a number of writings and photos by Sid Alford, a friend of my father. Sid was married to […]

World Cup 2014: Will Brazil be ready?

Hi all, World Cup 2010 has hardly finished, the Spaniards are probably still hung over, and already doubts are being raised about whether Brazil will be ready for the next World Cup in 2014. There is a lot at stake here, beyond the obvious wheelbarrows of money. Pride figures in every bit as much. The […]