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Gramado Named Best Destination in Brazil

Hi all, Recently I told you about where I now live, in the Serra Gaúcha in the South of Brazil. This is a lovely area, though almost certainly not what you think of when someone says “Brazil.” This is a land of highlands populated largely by fair-skinned folks of German descent. It’s also pretty chilly […]

My first time eating “entreveiro”

Hi all, One of the things to love about Brazilian culture is its spontaneity. You never know when you might be invited to do something – but be assured it’s probably going to involve food! On Saturday I was visiting Porto Alegre and staying with new friends Marcos and Marina. Marina’s father invited them to […]

João Pessoa

Hi all, Brazil’s Northeast coast is known for it’s sunshine, beaches, and seafood. One of my favorite little cities in the region is João Pessoa. João Pessoa, or “JP” as locals like to call it, is the capital of the state of Paraiba and is located between Recife and Natal. It’s not as well known as […]

X salada, por favor

Hi all, Often I’ll meet a Brazilian who claims to know not a word of English. I always challenge him. English is so prevalent (one could say intrusive) around the world that it’s virtually impossible not to pick up a few words. But sometimes English has a way of slipping in disguised and unnoticed. For […]


Hi all, I recently moved to the South of Brazil, which is considerably different from Rio – or the Northeast, or even from South Paulo. This region has much in common with neighboring Uruguay and Argentina. For instance, the folks here love their erva-mate usually just referred to as mate (and yerba mate in Spanish). Mate, in Portuguese […]

The Caipirinha

Hello all, Does your country have a national drink? Brazil’s would have to be the caipirinha. The BBC agrees. If you’ve been to Brazil, odds are you’ve tried one – or possibly several! The active ingredient in a caipirinha is cachaça. Cachaça is also known in some parts of Brazil as pinga. It’s also sometimes […]

The pastel

Hi all, One of the joys of travel is trying new food. While you can find just about any kind of food in the US, we are surprisingly short, outside of cities like New York which have huge immigrant communities, of what Brazilians call “salgados“. The literally means “salties”, but identifies a group of pastries […]

Let’s Brasilizar, the beach

Hi everyone, So recently I wrote that John Travolta is promoting Ypióca cachaça here in Brazil. Now there is a whole series of commercials out, which you can find on YouTube. (You can find pretty much anything on YouTube. If you can’t find what you want there, go to WalMart.) One of the Ypioca videos […]

InterNations at Pastiche

Hello all! I’ve written before about InterNations, but it’s been some time. InterNations is a 6-year-old international organization (surprise) which operates in more than 250 cities around the world and which brings together locals, expats, and visitors. It’s a great way to network for business, or just to make new friends. It you are newly […]

A trip to the farmers’ market

Hi all, There’s no denying that Rio has become a much more expensive place to live in recent years. Still, if you can adjust your lifestyle, you can get by – and sometimes still find some real bargains. I now live in the bairro (neighborhood) of Leme. It’s a pretty pricey place to live, even […]