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Brazil in the news December 22 2014

Hi all, Here are current news stories about Brazil: The Brazilian real has fallen against the U.S. dollar to its weakest in almost 10 years, 2.7 to 1.0. This means it’s cheaper to visit here if you have dollars (or pounds or euros). As in many Latin cultures, young adults continue to live […]

Brazil in the news December 15 2014

Hi all, This is the first of a  weekly series of posts recapping current events in Brazil, with links to current news stories. If there seems to be sufficient interest, I’ll keep them coming. It was not a positive week in the news: Story in the Rio Times about Brazil’s Truth Commission report regarding the […]

Holey moley!

Hi all, After living in Brazil for more than 5 years, most of that in Rio, you’d think that nothing could surprise me anymore. But never say never. Yesterday I was on my way to teach a class in Ipanema – by day I’m a mild-mannered English teacher – when the bus ground to a […]

Brazilian/U.S. relations

Hi all, As a gringo in Brazil, with very few exceptions I am well received. And most Brazilians I know who’ve visited the U.S. had positive experiences there. In short, Americans and Brazilians generally seem to like each other and to get along pretty well. Nós combinamos bem. Our respective governments, however, are another story. […]

Brazinglish and the World Cup

Hi all, My friend Roberto (who happens to be Brazilian but who speaks flawless English) called my attention to an article in the New York Times. Written by a Brazilian, it talks about how Brazil is attempting, with some difficulties, to learn English in preparation for the World Cup. The author, Vanessa Barbara, in true […]

Brazil 2013: The genie is out of the bottle

Hi all, I was looking online for articles to read with my students (by day I’m a mild-mannered English teacher) when I encountered a recent video report from The Economist, which I consider to be one of the best magazines around. The video is an interview with reporter Helen Joyce, who gives her opinions on […]

Teachers’ Day

Hi all, Today is Dia do Mestre – Teachers’ Day – here in Brazil. You might want to take just a moment to reflect back on the teachers you had through the years who were influential in making you who you are today. Teachers’ Day this year comes amid continuing protests by teachers across Brazil […]

Independence Day 2013

Hello all, I hope that you had a good weekend. Saturday was September 7th – Independence Day here in Brazil. You can read about Brazil’s road to independence in some of my previous blog posts:  Independence Day in Brazil   and Happy Independence Day. This year, Independence Day perhaps had extra meaning here in Brazil. […]

Shark attack in Recife

Hello all, Brazil has miles and miles and miles of beautiful coastline. One thing that distinguishes Brazil’s beaches from many in other countries such as Australia, South Africa, or the U.S., is that Brazil does not have sharks. With the exception of the coast off of Recife, in the northeast. No one is truly sure […]

The Pope visits Rio

Hello all, Today marks the end of Pope Francisco’s visit in Rio. This is his first official visit since he became pope, and coincides with World Youth Day (WYD). An estimated 355,000 peregrinos (pilgrims) have descended on Rio. Half of them appear to be staying in my neighborhood. Bleachers and enormous tele-screens were erected on […]