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Friday Postcard: Beach Bums in Florianopolis

Hi all, I hope that you had a good week. What are your plans for the weekend? One favorite pass time down here is surfing. You may not think of Brazil as a surfing mecca, and it’s certainly not Hawaii or Australia, but with thousands of miles of coastline, there are some good spots to […]

8 Things I Love about Brazil

My mom doesn’t get it. My sister Nina doesn’t get it. I’m not sure my friend Sean gets it, but after a few pictures and stories, I think maybe he’s beginning to. Why did I move to some “third-world” country? Brazil, while certainly not perfect, has a lot going for it. I don’t love everything […]

Video: Samba and Dancing on Copacabana Beach

Hi all, Gosh it feels good to be back blogging again! (Not to mention those hot showers in the morning and A/C in the afternoon!) I will write about my 15 days without power later, but right now I’d like to focus on more positive things! It’s the beginning of May, and in Rio that […]

Chilly? Come to Rio de Janeiro

It’s hot. I mean, it’s really hot. You may be sitting in the kitchen in Oshkosh right now, sipping hot cocoa, but in the Southern Hemisphere it’s the height of summertime, and we are baking. On Sunday, the temperature reached 40.4 C in Zona Sul (South Zone), which includes Copacabana and Ipanema. For those of […]