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Bonito: Gruta do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Cave)

Hi all, So last time I wrote about my descent into the Anhumas Abyss outside of Bonito. Reader Ben Ellis replied that he sided with my mother and would never do such a crazy thing. And while I may end up a recipient of the Darwin Award one of these days, I did feel great […]

Bonito: The Anhumas Abyss

Hi all, So the gang returned safely from our trip to Bonito. The weather wasn´t the best – clouds covered large swaths of southern Brazil, including Mato Grosso do Sul. Still, we managed to get in a few activities. Without question the most adventurous activity was our visit to the Anhumas Abyss. The abyss is […]

Friday Postcard: Bonito

Hi all, The year has flown by. Recently when my buddy Damon asked if I´d be interested in going on a trip somewhere, I realized that I hadn´t been on a trip since returning from the US in January. Now that it just wrong, to live in this beautiful country and not explore it. Originally […]