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My First Visit to Brazil, part 4: Around Vitoria

My First Visit to Brazil, part 4: Claudete and “a semana perfeita” (the perfect week) The day after the welcome-home party, Junior’s mom, Marlene, called me to come from the patio where I was getting some sun with Junior and trying to shake off the lingering effects of the festivities. Brazilian beer, I realized, might […]

My Tour of Sugarloaf, Christ, and Santa Teresa is Available!

Hi all, First, my apologies to Ben Ellis and others. I shot lots of footage yesterday during the World Cup match between Brazil and North Korea, but due to some technical difficulties in trying to load the raw footage into iMovie this morning, the video isn’t yet available. Look for it in the next couple […]

Random Musings: Racism and Prejudice in Brazil

Hi all, Wow, it’s chilly this morning. I like to head over to the fresh market first thing on Wednesdays to buy vegetables for veggie soup, but I think I’ll do this post first and wait for the edge to come off the chill. brrr I teach English to businessman and -woman here. During the […]

Video: Capoeira

Hi all – Oops, like like this post didn’t post on Monday! Excuse the delay. *** Hi all, Hope that you had a good weekend. We had a marvelous one we, sunny during the day and just a bit cool at night. Today’s video is about something uniquely Brazilian: Capoeira. Defining capoeira is a bit […]

Friday Postcard: Arcos da Lapa

Hi all, I hope that you had a good week. Maybe you are planning a big night out. One of the hottest areas in Rio for a big night out is Lapa. It’s a funky area full of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. You often find musicians playing in the streets. It adjoins downtown and also […]

What to Bring to Brazil

Hi all! Ok, so you’re finally coming to Brazil! Good for you! I can almost guarantee you that you’ll have a lot of fun and have a memorable time. You have your passport, visa, and airline ticket. You’ve rented an apartment in Ipanema. You’re ready to live large. Now it’s time to pack. Then it […]

Friday Postcard: Beach Bums in Florianopolis

Hi all, I hope that you had a good week. What are your plans for the weekend? One favorite pass time down here is surfing. You may not think of Brazil as a surfing mecca, and it’s certainly not Hawaii or Australia, but with thousands of miles of coastline, there are some good spots to […]

Chicken Française – Brazilian Style

Hi all, Whenever you travel, you encounter differences. Goes without saying I guess. However, often it’s the little things that you stumble over. Take the time I tried to make dinner for my host. Raquel is a friend of a friend. I stayed with her on a sweeping tour through Brazil a couple years back. […]

Video: Red Bull Air Race part 2

Hi all, I hope that you had a good weekend. Last weekend you’ll recall that I attended the Red Bull Air Race here in Rio and posted some video that I shot. This week I thought you might like to see some additional video which was professionally shot and includes many clips from the helicopter […]

Friday Postcard: Beach near Búzios

Hi all, I hope that you have had a good week and that you’ve escaped the inclement weather that much of the US has suffered recently. In case you’ve been dealing with a late-season cold snap, this week’s postcard is of a beach. East from Rio along the coast (which here runs east-west) lies the […]