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The Caipirinha

Hello all, Does your country have a national drink? Brazil’s would have to be the caipirinha. The BBC agrees. If you’ve been to Brazil, odds are you’ve tried one – or possibly several! The active ingredient in a caipirinha is cachaça. Cachaça is also known in some parts of Brazil as pinga. It’s also sometimes […]

Let’s Brasilizar

Hi all, John Travolta is the new spokesperson for Ypióca brand cachaça. (Cachaça, for the uninitiated, is a powerful liquor distilled form sugar cane, similar to a strong light rum. It’s the active ingredient in Brazil’s national drink the caipirinha.) I’m not sure exactly what this means. Simply that Brazilians like Travolta? Or will there […]

How to Make a Caipirinha

The caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil. If you visit here, you must try one. But a word of caution: Drink slowly! Caipirinhas are tasty but deceptively strong. Whether in Rio in the Southeast or Natal in the Northeast, a caipirinha will be made in essentially the same way: 1) In a sturdy glass, […]