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New Year’s Eve in Brazil

Hi all, Happy New Year! Or, as we typically say here, Próspero Ano Novo. New Year’s celebrations are similar here to those in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world. Typically Brazilians congregate and often eat and drink too much. There are over-priced affairs at bars and restaurants, or simpler affairs at friends’ homes. There […]

Forte do Leme

Hi all, Sunday morning my friend Damon and I scaled Morro (hill) do Leme. Although the hill is only 2 blocks from my apartment building, I hadn’t yet climbed it. After a preliminary reconnoiter, it looked pretty intimidating. I had anticipated a strenuous climb, after looking around the side of the morro facing the ocean. […]


Hi all, I’m back! I have some nice posts lined up for you. I met on Saturday with another gringo, Joel Garcia, who just moved down to Rio about 10 days ago. He actually did so without having ever visited here before, so I chide him that he’s a “Brazil virgin”. Anyway, I’ve promised to […]

Get my tour of Ipanema and Copacabana on Amazon!

Hi all, So awhile back I wrote and photographed some tours for an outfit called Visual Travel Tours ( One of these tours is a walking tour of Ipanema and Copacabana in the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro.Lo and behold, I find that this tour is now for sale on (Is there anything […]

Video: Brazil vs. North Korea

Hi all, As I have mentioned, my Mac crashed, so I was not able to bring you video of the World Cup sooner. It mysteriously resurrected itself, so I’m back in business. Below I’ve embedded a video shot the day that Brazil played North Korea. I wandered around Copacabana, going first to a bar and […]

Friday Postcard: The Copacabana Fresh Market

Hi all, Most Fridays I post a picture of some stunning location I’ve visited in Brazil. Certainly there is no shortage of wondrous scenery here. But day-to-day life is colorful and entertaining as well. Each Wednesday I go to the fresh market held a few blocks away from my apartment here in Copacabana, near the […]

A Massage on Copacabana Beach

Hi all, I hope your weekend was a good one. My birthday was yesterday. To celebrate, I got a massage on the beach. Unfortunately, neither of the massage therapists I usually visit was working, so I had my massage with a new guy. It was a bit of a disappointment – although, as with sex, […]

Vignette: Tightrope Walking at the Beach

Tudo bom, y’all? One of the things you have to love about Rio is that every day you can see something interesting just going about your business. I teach English to business people here. My classes don’t start until 11:00, so in the morning I generally go to the gym early. Afterwards I like to walk […]

Chilly? Come to Rio de Janeiro

It’s hot. I mean, it’s really hot. You may be sitting in the kitchen in Oshkosh right now, sipping hot cocoa, but in the Southern Hemisphere it’s the height of summertime, and we are baking. On Sunday, the temperature reached 40.4 C in Zona Sul (South Zone), which includes Copacabana and Ipanema. For those of […]