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Four years on…

Hi all, Yesterday was Halloween. Festivities were of course cancelled or more subdued in many US locales due to Hurricane Sandy. As someone who has been through four hurricanes myself (Hugo, Frances, Jeanne, and Wilma), I empathize with those trying now to put their lives back in order. Yesterday also marked the fourth anniversary of […]

War in the streets

Hi all, What sensationalism is this? Am I stooping to Fox News (using the term loosely) tactics to draw attention? Hardly. The Rio police have been fighting an urban battle with drug gangs for years. Recently the gangs retaliated with carjackings and bombings. Matters escalated to the point that the army has been enlisted to […]

Videos: Rain and Flooding in Rio

Hi all, Sorry I have been a bit delinquent in posting this last week. It was a convergence of things: I moved to a new place, and a friend came to visit from the US, and I had a cold. Not a lot of time or energy to post. But enough of my little world. […]