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“Danger” is a relative thing…

Hi all, When I am in the U.S., as I was recently, and people learn that I live in Brazil, the question often arises, “But isn’t Brazil dangerous?” Look, nobody is going to argue that some parts of Brazil aren’t dangerous. The Complexo do Alemao in Rio refuses to be pacified, and Recife is crime-ridden […]

Flooding in Rio

Hi all, Climactically, Brazil is fortunate in many ways. It does not suffer hurricanes or tornadoes. In most parts of the country, sun sine is abundant. Also, the earthquakes which afflict Brazil’s neighbors to the west are unknown here. However, parts of Brazil receive seasonally heavy rains, generally during the summer months. And heavy rains, […]

Videos: Rain and Flooding in Rio

Hi all, Sorry I have been a bit delinquent in posting this last week. It was a convergence of things: I moved to a new place, and a friend came to visit from the US, and I had a cold. Not a lot of time or energy to post. But enough of my little world. […]