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Tornado warning!

Hi all, At the moment I am visiting my mom in Hammond, Louisiana, which is about an hour northeast of New Orleans. She’s making me earn my keep while I’m here. On Tuesday I helped her sell an old car she no longer drives. We had planned to turn in the tag (license plate) at […]

Natural Disasters

Hello all! Once again I must apologize for being not posting in awhile. I returned only recently where I was helping my mother move from Texas to Louisiana. During my stay there I had limited internet access. (While I am writing this post using the free WiFi provided in the free concierge lounge at Shopping […]

Videos: Rain and Flooding in Rio

Hi all, Sorry I have been a bit delinquent in posting this last week. It was a convergence of things: I moved to a new place, and a friend came to visit from the US, and I had a cold. Not a lot of time or energy to post. But enough of my little world. […]