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Gramado Named Best Destination in Brazil

Hi all, Recently I told you about where I now live, in the Serra Gaúcha in the South of Brazil. This is a lovely area, though almost certainly not what you think of when someone says “Brazil.” This is a land of highlands populated largely by fair-skinned folks of German descent. It’s also pretty chilly […]

Friday Postcard: The Serra Gaúcha, Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil

Hi all, The southernmost state of Brazil is Rio Grande do Sul, or “Big River of the South”. In its northeastern corner you’ll find the Serra Gaúcha, which could be translated as the “Cowboy Mountain Range”. Gaúcho is simply the Portuguese version of the Spanish “gaucho”, the cowboy of the Argentine pampas, and “gaúcha” is […]

Canela: A Brazil You Never Imagined

Hi all, When you hear the word “Brazil”, what do you think of? Odds are, you picture sprawling beaches and teeny bikinis. Maybe pictures of wild Carnival parades come to mind. Or perhaps you imagine yourself on a narrow footpath deep in the Amazon jungle. And while all of those pictures ARE Brazil, there is […]