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Real Premium Auto Onibus

Hi all, Taxis in Rio, while still cheap compared to many cities around the world, have become more expensive in the last couple of years. It used to be you could get from Galeão Airport to Copacabana for maybe 50 reais. Today, depending on where exactly you are headed, you might pay 75. If you […]

X salada, por favor

Hi all, Often I’ll meet a Brazilian who claims to know not a word of English. I always challenge him. English is so prevalent (one could say intrusive) around the world that it’s virtually impossible not to pick up a few words. But sometimes English has a way of slipping in disguised and unnoticed. For […]

Texting in Brazil

Hi all, I’m old school (hell, I’m old) and of the generation that prefers to talk rather than text. However, since I moved to Brazil I’ve learned to love texts. In part this is because they are generally cheaper than calls. Also, often hard to hear on street or in metro, so text is best. […]

Attitudes toward gays in Brazil

Hi all, Sunday, the 19th annual Gay Pride parade was held in Rio, along Copacabana Beach. I don’t believe I’ve ever written about attitudes towards gays and lesbians in Brazil, and thought this a topic worth writing about, because perceptions may not match reality. I’ll say up front that I’m straight and not really in […]

The Jeitinho Brasileiro

Hi all! I’m back! I’ve been away finishing up my guide, Live Well in Rio, soon to be available on Amazon Kindle. Today we have a post from a guest blogger, Lidi Albuquerque, a Brazilian who lives in New York City and works for BRIC Language Systems. (BRIC offers online classes in Portuguese, Mandarin, and […]

Carnaval blocos are underway!

Hi everyone! Yes, I’m back after a hiatus. Really, I had to return, since Carnaval 2014 is almost here! Officially, Carnaval (I will stick with the Portuguese spelling) this year will be March 1-4, in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday. But Carnaval really begins long before. [For those of you into the arcane: […]

A trip to the farmers’ market

Hi all, There’s no denying that Rio has become a much more expensive place to live in recent years. Still, if you can adjust your lifestyle, you can get by – and sometimes still find some real bargains. I now live in the bairro (neighborhood) of Leme. It’s a pretty pricey place to live, even […]

David demonstrates some samba rhythms

Hi all, So I was working diligently this afternoon updating “Brazil: The Owner’s Manual” for International Living when I received a text from my Aussie mate Rod inviting me to join him and another friend of his over at Bar do David in the favela community of Chapeu-Mangueira, which is located on the morro (hill) […]

Brazilian hygiene

Hi all, Brazilians take their hygiene seriously. I mean, seriously. As an example, I have students (I’m an English teacher) at Petrobras, at Oi (a telecom company), and also at Accenture. In the men’s room (and I assume the women’s as well), you’ll find dental floss dispensers on the wall. Accenture also provides a very […]

Friday Postcard: Miami Beach, Brazil???

Hi people / Oi gente! TGIF! Hope your week was a good one. One of my very favorite places in Brazil is Natal, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in the northeast. You can get an idea why by checking out the video about Fut Vôlei on YouTube. I’m working on a couple […]