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X salada, por favor

Hi all, Often I’ll meet a Brazilian who claims to know not a word of English. I always challenge him. English is so prevalent (one could say intrusive) around the world that it’s virtually impossible not to pick up a few words. But sometimes English has a way of slipping in disguised and unnoticed. For […]

Texting in Brazil

Hi all, I’m old school (hell, I’m old) and of the generation that prefers to talk rather than text. However, since I moved to Brazil I’ve learned to love texts. In part this is because they are generally cheaper than calls. Also, often hard to hear on street or in metro, so text is best. […]

Attitudes toward gays in Brazil

Hi all, Sunday, the 19th annual Gay Pride parade was held in Rio, along Copacabana Beach. I don’t believe I’ve ever written about attitudes towards gays and lesbians in Brazil, and thought this a topic worth writing about, because perceptions may not match reality. I’ll say up front that I’m straight and not really in […]

The Caipirinha

Hello all, Does your country have a national drink? Brazil’s would have to be the caipirinha. The BBC agrees. If you’ve been to Brazil, odds are you’ve tried one – or possibly several! The active ingredient in a caipirinha is cachaça. Cachaça is also known in some parts of Brazil as pinga. It’s also sometimes […]

Vignette: Jazz in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

Hi all, So what did you do this weekend? Let’s see: There was sushi and laughs with the gang (representing the US, Italy, and France) Friday night. Last night I had dinner with a lovely girl from Lithuania. And Saturday night the gang (half Brazilian and half a little of every place) met in Lapa. […]

Friday Postcard: The Pantanal

Tudo bom, gente? When you picture Brazil in your mind, what do you see? Likely a beach crowded with beautiful bronzed bodies, or perhaps an isolated village of hatched huts deep in the Amazon rainforest. But there is another part of Brazil you’ve probably never even heard of, though it sprawls across well over 50,000 […]