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Christmas Tree Lighting in Rio

Hi all, I’m back. Was very busy then down with a severe cold. But back in fighting trim again. We are rapidly approaching Christmas, and a Christmas tradition here in Rio is the lighting of the floating Christmas Tree at Lagoa (lagoon) Rodrigo de Freitas. The lighting this year was last Saturday. My friend Allie, […]

Friday Postcard: Lagoa Coconut

Hi all, Wow, it´s Friday again already. It seems like time goes faster every year. Zoom zoom zoom. One of the things that I like about the Brazilian culture is that they do know how to kick back and relax. Brazilians also know that the simple pleasures are the best. One of my favorite simple […]

Friday Postcard: Fisherman casting his hand net

Hi all, Folks who have never traveled to a developing country often imagine that developing countries are uninformly poor and backward. In truth, what you will see in a developing country are marked contrasts, with, for example, a homeless man sleeping on the street in front of a towering office building. (Hey, kind of reminds […]