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Destination: Blue Grotto

Hi all, Brazil is without question one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. In particular, Brazil has some amazing beaches and islands. If you happen to visit here (and a visit to Brazil should be on everyone’s bucket list), likely you’ll visit Rio. And not far north of Rio is an area called […]

Armação dos Búzios: A touch of European chic in Brazil

Hi all, Maybe one of the most charming beach towns in all of Brazil is Armação dos Búzios, generally called simply as “Búzios”. This resort town is located in the Região dos Lagos (Lakes Region), about 165km (102 miles) east of the city of Rio along the coast. Deemed the Brazilian Saint Tropez, Búzios became […]

Friday Postcard: Beach near Búzios

Hi all, I hope that you have had a good week and that you’ve escaped the inclement weather that much of the US has suffered recently. In case you’ve been dealing with a late-season cold snap, this week’s postcard is of a beach. East from Rio along the coast (which here runs east-west) lies the […]