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Forte do Leme

Hi all, Sunday morning my friend Damon and I scaled Morro (hill) do Leme. Although the hill is only 2 blocks from my apartment building, I hadn’t yet climbed it. After a preliminary reconnoiter, it looked pretty intimidating. I had anticipated a strenuous climb, after looking around the side of the morro facing the ocean. […]

Bar do David

Hi all, As I wrote in my last post, behind my home in Leme sprawls the community (the PC term for favela) of Chapéu Mangueira. And – believe it or not – within Chapéu you’ll find a highly-rated restaurant: Bar do David. My Aussie friend Rod and I decided to give Bar do David a […]


Hi all, I’m back! I have some nice posts lined up for you. I met on Saturday with another gringo, Joel Garcia, who just moved down to Rio about 10 days ago. He actually did so without having ever visited here before, so I chide him that he’s a “Brazil virgin”. Anyway, I’ve promised to […]

Vignette: Tightrope Walking at the Beach

Tudo bom, y’all? One of the things you have to love about Rio is that every day you can see something interesting just going about your business. I teach English to business people here. My classes don’t start until 11:00, so in the morning I generally go to the gym early. Afterwards I like to walk […]