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Hi all, A cold front has swept the entire eastern seaboard here in the US. On Sunday temps almost set record highs. But yesterday and today, when I got up the thermometer on the back porch hovered at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Yikes! So I find myself thinking about Rio, where it is currently summertime, and […]

Video: Damon’s Massage on the Beach

Hi all, Well, I’m back. My absence was imposed by the death of my Apple MacBook Pro. I can tell you one thing: If you plan to relocate to Brazil, bring a PC. It is next to impossible to get an Apple serviced here. Parts, if they can be found, are 3-4 times the cost […]

A Massage on Copacabana Beach

Hi all, I hope your weekend was a good one. My birthday was yesterday. To celebrate, I got a massage on the beach. Unfortunately, neither of the massage therapists I usually visit was working, so I had my massage with a new guy. It was a bit of a disappointment – although, as with sex, […]