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Friday Postcard: Natal Dunes

Hi all! If you will recall, my MacBook Pro died recently (motherboard issue), which hampered my efforts to do, well,  just about anything.  I am pleased to announce that with the help of a friend who also owns a (functional) MacBook Pro, I was able to recover most of my data, including a ton of photos – although […]

It’s chilly here in Rio

Good chilly morning, all! What, chilly in Rio? Actually, yes. It has been delightful late-autumn weather here in Rio this week. You’ll recall that in the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed. Actually, I guess we are slipping into winter now. Before making the move down south, I lived for several years in south Florida. […]

Video: Flying in an Ultralight over Natal & Genipabú

Oi pessoal (Hi everybody), Last Friday I posted a picture of a lone surfer on Miami Beach, Natal. Surfing is only one of many fun and exciting activities you can engage in there in Natal. The more adventurous of you might want to try flying in an ultralight, or ultraleve as it is called here. […]

Friday Postcard: Miami Beach, Brazil???

Hi people / Oi gente! TGIF! Hope your week was a good one. One of my very favorite places in Brazil is Natal, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in the northeast. You can get an idea why by checking out the video about Fut Vôlei on YouTube. I’m working on a couple […]