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The Pantanal (North)

Hi all, Almost certainly you’ve heard of the Florida Everglades. Maybe you’ve even gone on an airboat ride and tossed marshmallows to the alligators. Actually a very slow-flowing river 60 miles wide and 100 or so miles long (6,000+ square miles), the Everglades encompasses much of the southern end of Florida. But have you heard […]

Chapada dos Guimarães national park

Hi all, There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of the Chapada dos Guimarães. I’d been to Brazil several times before anyone told me about this national park. But it’s worth visiting, especially if you plan to visit the Pantanal from the north. The Pantanal? OK, let’s back up. You’ve no doubt heard of the Florida […]

Brazil on “Planet Earth”

Hi all, A few years ago, National Geographic produced an amazing miniseries called Planet Earth. It’s running again right now on the Animal Planet channel. If you can catch it, watch the episode about the Fresh Water environments. I saw it late last night (couldn’t sleep anticipating Santa’s arrival). At about minute 45 of the […]

Friday Postcard: Bonito

Hi all, The year has flown by. Recently when my buddy Damon asked if I´d be interested in going on a trip somewhere, I realized that I hadn´t been on a trip since returning from the US in January. Now that it just wrong, to live in this beautiful country and not explore it. Originally […]

Friday Postcard: The Pantanal

Tudo bom, gente? When you picture Brazil in your mind, what do you see? Likely a beach crowded with beautiful bronzed bodies, or perhaps an isolated village of hatched huts deep in the Amazon rainforest. But there is another part of Brazil you’ve probably never even heard of, though it sprawls across well over 50,000 […]