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Dia da Criança

Hi all, As usual, I’m playing catch up. This post is about an event from last week, Dia da Criança, or Children’s Day. Although an internationally-recognized day to recognize children’s rights, I don’t remember its being celebrated in the US. Its recognition might vary from state to state. Here in Brazil, Children’s Day is celebrated […]

My Tour of Sugarloaf, Christ, and Santa Teresa is Available!

Hi all, First, my apologies to Ben Ellis and others. I shot lots of footage yesterday during the World Cup match between Brazil and North Korea, but due to some technical difficulties in trying to load the raw footage into iMovie this morning, the video isn’t yet available. Look for it in the next couple […]

Video: Praça São Salvador and Urca

Hi reader, I hope that you had a good weekend. Mine was mixed. Last Wednesday night on the way back from the gym, I bought meat on a stick from a sidewalk vendor. It tasted fine – really good, actually – but it really trashed my insides, so I hung close to home most of […]

Friday Postcard: Praia Vermelha and Sugarloaf

Hi all, Well, I had a great day today. One of my readers, Van Fry from North Carolina (my old stomping grounds) passed through Rio on his way back home after visiting Vitoria (which you may remember was the first place I visited here in Brazil). Anyway, I me him at the airport and we […]