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Rocinha taken without a shot

Perhaps things truly are changing. Rocinha, the largest favela in Rio and perhaps in Latin America, was retaken in the pre-dawn hours yesterday (Sunday) without a shot. This stands in contrast to, for example, the invasion of Complexo do Alemão about this same time last year, when fighting was fierce and dozens of armed gang […]

Military Police poised to invade Rocinha

Hi all, This will be an historic weekend here in Rio. The BPChoque, the “Shock Troops” of the Military Police – Brazil’s SWAT – will occupy Rocinha, Rio’s largest favela. If you saw the 2008 version of The Hulk, starring Edward Norton, you will probably remember the opening sequence in which a helicopter flies over a […]

Hostages taken at de luxe hotel in Rio

Hi all, Typically I write about the pleasanter things here in Rio and Brazil – and there are many to write about. But I won’t deny that there are severe problems, endemic problems. Foremost among these in Rio is crime fueled by the war against drug traffickers. The most recent battle erupted last weekend when a […]