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Carnivals around Brazil

Hi all, Is there a person alive who hasn’t seen photos and video of Rio’s Carnival? Honestly, sometimes I think that Carnival is the only thing foreigners know about Brazil at all. But Rio is not the only city in Brazil which celebrates Carnival. Indeed, there are Carnivals around the world. Mardi Gras, Quebec’s Winter Festival, […]

Destination: Salvador!

Hi all, Although Rio receives more visitors than any other city in Brazil, another popular destination is Salvador, in the state of Bahia. Salvador was the first capital of Brazil, and is a very interesting place to visit, rich in history and culture. But today let’s focus on the beaches around Salvador, which are some […]

Video: Salvador courtesy of the Vengaboys

Hi all, I am still without video editing software as I survive using my netbook. I am hoping that Greg, Jim, or Van can bring me a new computer with editing software soon. Meanwhile, I will provide links to some Brazil-oriented videos posted by others. I get frequent requests for more pictures & videos of Brazilian girls […]