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David demonstrates some samba rhythms

Hi all, So I was working diligently this afternoon updating “Brazil: The Owner’s Manual” for International Living when I received a text from my Aussie mate Rod inviting me to join him and another friend of his over at Bar do David in the favela community of Chapeu-Mangueira, which is located on the morro (hill) […]

Grupo Puro Acaso

Hi all, One of the cool things about living in Rio, as opposed to just visiting for a few days, is that I get introduced to places and activities that the average tourist would probably miss. Last weekend the lady I’ve been dating invited me to see a band at a place in Botafogo called […]

Queen of the Carnival 2011

Hi all, While I am sorting out the technical difficulties which are preventing my loading the clips from my Flip camera into iMovie (I’ve ceased to be a Mac fan), I’ll present some videos from YouTube with commentary. I shot some fun footage on Saturday evening – much of it on the Metro interestingly enough […]

Video: Baby dancing samba

Hey all, OK, it´s Monday and it was a long day, so here is something mindless and fun: A baby dancing on the dining room table. Looks like it could be legit, but you be the judge. I hope to be back with some of my own videos just as soon as I can get someone […]

Video: Samba and Dancing on Copacabana Beach

Hi all, Gosh it feels good to be back blogging again! (Not to mention those hot showers in the morning and A/C in the afternoon!) I will write about my 15 days without power later, but right now I’d like to focus on more positive things! It’s the beginning of May, and in Rio that […]