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Weekend in Sao Paulo

Hi all, Sorry to once again go missing. Have been busy, and also took a few days off to visit Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo, for those of you who are not aware, is the largest city in Brazil (although it is not the capital; Brasilia is). Indeed, with 20 million inhabitants in the metro area, […]

Protests continue across Brazil

Hi everyone, The protests in Brazil which you probably have seen on the news continue across the country. In this post I’ll give you a quick summary of what’s going on to date. The demonstrations began less than 3 weeks ago in the city of Sao Paulo to protests increases in bus and metro fares. […]

Protests across Brazil

Hi everyone, Last Thursday I moved back to Rio. I’m finally resettled and posting again. If you have been following the news at all in the last couple of weeks, you are probably aware of the protests occurring in the streets of Brazil, primarily in Rio and Sao Paulo. While the protests in Rio have […]

Destination: Praia Grande

Hi all, This weekend I went to visit a new online friend (the internet is an amazing medium for bringing people together) in Praia Grande (lit., “Big Beach”, though maybe “Long Beach” would be a better translation), in the state of Sao Paulo. Beaches in Sao Paulo state are generally grouped into the north littoral […]

It’s chilly here in Rio

Good chilly morning, all! What, chilly in Rio? Actually, yes. It has been delightful late-autumn weather here in Rio this week. You’ll recall that in the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed. Actually, I guess we are slipping into winter now. Before making the move down south, I lived for several years in south Florida. […]