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Hooliganism at the football match

Hi all, If you are a football (soccer) fan, or a sports fan generally, you have probably already seen the video of the fighting which broke out at the game last night in Joinville between Vasco (a team from Rio de Janeiro) and Atlético-PR. In the end, three Vasco fans were arrested for assault: two in […]

Clash of the Titans?

Hi all, The Brazil vs Spain final in the Confederation Cup games was hailed by one sports writer as “is the clash of the 21st century.” Sorry, Akarsh. Certainly the game was pleasing for all of my Brazilian friends, but it was very lopsided, at say the least. Still, it had it’s moments. The first goal, scored […]

Video: Brazil Defeats Ivory Coast in World Cup 2010

Hi all, Sorry that I did not post here on Friday. As we say down here, “O negocio e o seguinte…”, which translates as “The business is the following…” Typically this expression signals the beginning of a long and involved story. Top off your beer and kick back. I´ll keep it short and just say […]