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The new year begins!

Hi everyone! It’s March 12th. In the US, clocks and cell phones sprang forward to Daylight Saving Time last weekend. Spring is just around the corner. And in Brazil, the new year is just beginning! It’s a joke here in Brazil that the new year begins in March. It’s a joke – but also pretty […]

FIFA reaction after the Confederations Cup

Hi all, Despite fears about security and whether or not stadiums would be ready, the Confederations Cup came off pretty well. (Although fans of Spain’s team may disagree.) Before the games, there were doubts as to whether Brazil would have the infrastructure in place, but I haven’t heard or read of any significant issues. Brazilians […]

Famous Brazilians: Neymar

Hi all, Brazilians love and excel in many sports, including basketball, volleyball, and auto racing (if you consider that a sport). But, absolutely without a doubt, THE big sport here is soccer, or as it’s know here, futball. Being a Brazilian means being a soccer fan. Ok, if you look hard enough, you can find […]

Video: Brazil vs. North Korea

Hi all, As I have mentioned, my Mac crashed, so I was not able to bring you video of the World Cup sooner. It mysteriously resurrected itself, so I’m back in business. Below I’ve embedded a video shot the day that Brazil played North Korea. I wandered around Copacabana, going first to a bar and […]