Teach English in Brazil

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If you read this blog regularly, you probably have an interest in Brazil. Maybe you’ve visited Brazil before, and know how lovely this country is. Or maybe you’ve just always wanted to visit here. Perhaps you’ve even thought about staying in Brazil for an extended time. But how would you fund your stay?

Many foreigners teach English here. The demand is huge, and while teaching English is a job, it’s certainly more fun and rewarding than most jobs. And typically it leaves lots of time to play and explore – which is the whole idea, right?

I’ve written an e-book called “Teaching English in Brazil”, which tells you what you need to know to get started. You can purchase and download the book at Come Teach English in Brazil.

If you’d like first to check out the prologue, table of contents, and first chapter for free, just click here:

Whatever your reason for wanting to come to Brazil – poor job opportunities where you are, the desire to start over, wanting to learn foot volley, hoping to find that special someone, or maybe just a craving for a bit of adventure, whatever – teaching English here can give you the means to pursue your goals. And it’s fun!

Come on down! The water’s fine!

Still in Brazil